Are Your Heads Pickled?

December 2016

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Many of the heads Brighton Tru-Edge manufactures will be subject to acids or other conditions in the field after installation that increase the risk for corrosion. Pickling removes contaminants such as iron or scale to restore the full corrosion resistance of stainless steel. The pickling process forms a protective layer when the stainless steel surface reacts to oxygen.

Brighton Tru-Edge pickles every stainless steel head after the manufacturing process is complete. We also offer pickling on more than heads. Contact us about our pickling services for all fabricated stainless steel, including half-pipe, coils and cylinders. We can offer pickling services for stainless steel products that our customers have manufactured or produced elsewhere.

The pickling process extends the life of materials, improving the lifespan of your equipment. Learn more about how Brighton’s pickling services help maximize the benefits of stainless steel for our customers.[/text_output]

Market Update
304/304L – 0.6700 $/lb.
316/316L – 0.9555 $/lb.
317/317L – 1.1275 $/lb.
309/309S – 0.8864 $/lb.
2205 – 0.9123 $/lb.
Alloy 276 – 6.0286 $/lb.
Alloy 625 – 6.3487 $/lb.
316 – 0.6300 $/lb.
Carbon Steel – 0.1300 $/lb.