Brighton Tru-Edge Volunteers for Local Environmental Project – the Mill Creek Watershed

May 2016


Volunteers from Brighton Tru-Edge worked together to clean and maintain the area in and around the Twin Creek Preserve in Cincinnati on May 7. The preserve is within the Mill Creek Watershed, an important local water source to half a million people in Cincinnati. Through this effort, Brighton Tru-Edge hopes to give back to the community by promoting the environment and safety.

More than 450,000 residents live within the watershed’s boundaries along with several Fortune 500 companies, according to the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities, a nonprofit conservator group for the watershed. The creek suffers from sewer overflows, pollution from rainfall or snowmelt runoff and litter. The Twin Creek Preserve has been facing a litter issue for some time now. The goal of this cleanup event was to make the water beautiful again, but also to clear harmful trash and litter for the safety of Mill Creek’s wildlife.

Because the watershed is a 166-mile drainage basin, trash and debris on the ground are picked up and carried into Mill Creek. Environmental conservation and community engagement are important to Brighton Tru-Edge. The plant is located along the Mill Creek, and Brighton leaders reached out to the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities to see how they could have a positive impact on the 28-mile Mill Creek that runs through 34 communities in Greater Cincinnati.

The hope of this collaboration was to positively affect the environment by encouraging the public to refrain from doing harmful things, like littering. Because the Mill Creek is within the watershed, much of the litter found at the Twin Creek Preserve is not coming from people in the area; it’s being washed into the watershed from other areas.

Kara Scheerhorn, program and outreach director of the council, spoke about the watershed problem. “People aren’t necessarily dumping the trash directly into streams,” she said. “But by not throwing things away in trash cans or recycling bins, trash is making its way out to local waterways. All trash that is not taken care of has to go somewhere.”

Brighton, with support from the council, want to emphasize the importance of caring for this watershed, so the Mill Creek can continue to be a location of recreational pursuits.  “Together, we are responsible for caring for our watershed and maintaining a healthy environment for everyone who lives here,” said Scheerhorn.[/text_output][image]

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