Project Spotlight: Delivering the Whole Package for Half-pipe

July 2016

[image src=”3862″ alt=”” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]Brighton Tru-Edge has had a full load of half-pipe projects lately.

Half-pipe assists with heat transfer in vessels. Steam can be used to fill half-pipe coils in order to heat the contents of a vessel, and liquid compounds, such as glycol, can be used in the half-pipe for cooling purposes.

Half-pipe is often used for pharmaceutical and brewery applications and increasingly in the chemical market.

An added benefit for Brighton’s customers is the convenience of getting half-pipe and the head all in one place. Brighton is best known for its precision-machined, beveled-edge heads. We also can accommodate our customers’ needs for half-pipe, all on the same project.

“When it comes to half-pipe, Brighton is a one-stop shop for customers,” says Steve Hammoor, Brighton’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We deliver half-pipe in a variety of materials and sizes. We can supply loose coils or those with any fit or weld. It’s one of many ways we strive for superior quality and performance in all we do for our customers.”

Brighton can provide;

  • 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch half-pipe coils for tank heads and cylinders.
  • half-pipe in stainless steel, carbon steel and nickel alloys.

For tank heads, half-pipe is precisely fit to each head and can be beveled, tack welded, fillet welded or 100% full penetration welded and tested to customer specifications. Tooling for half-pipe on heads is available from 1.5-inch pipe to 4-inch pipe.

Half-pipe for cylinders can be supplied loose; fit and tack welded; or fully welded to the cylinder. Strip coil for shells is available from 2-inch pipe to 4-inch pipe.

Learn more about how Brighton’s fabrication solutions can help your team exceed its goals.[/text_output]

Market Update
304/304L – 0.6700 $/lb.
316/316L – 0.9555 $/lb.
317/317L – 1.1275 $/lb.
309/309S – 0.8864 $/lb.
2205 – 0.9123 $/lb.
Alloy 276 – 6.0286 $/lb.
Alloy 625 – 6.3487 $/lb.
316 – 0.6300 $/lb.
Carbon Steel – 0.1300 $/lb.