Safety Spotlight: Summertime safety with home maintenance, yard work

June 2016

[text_output]lawn-care[/text_output][text_output]Brighton Tru-Edge recently welcomed Corporate Safety Manager Jeff Wells to company headquarters in Cincinnati. Wells previously was located at the nearby offices of Enerfab Process Solutions & Fabricated Products.

Wells’ responsibilities include helping Brighton enhance its culture of safety, and he says Brighton’s team has responded well.

“Our craft personnel have taken the reins by tackling potentially unsafe acts and unsafe conditions prior to them festering into an incident,” Wells says. “The Brighton safety program has reached a level of excellence, and our team works daily to maintain that level as well as strives to improve even more.”

Wells knows that embracing a culture of safety transcends the workplace and must be part of home life. So with the season of yard work and outdoor home maintenance in full swing, Wells says it’s crucial to keep safety top of mind. In that spirit, here are some tips from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) to help keep you safe the next time you’re outside working on your home or yard.

Information from OPEI published by Consumer Reports shows many people are not taking precautions before mowing their lawns. OPEI has issued a list of safety tips you can consult before beginning any lawn care work:

  • Know how to operate the equipment, and read the operator’s manual before using any power equipment. Be sure you understand where the controls are and what they do, and follow all safety instructions.
  • Handle gas carefully, and fill up before you start.
  • Dress properly for yard work, including close-fitting clothes and substantial shoes.
  • Clear up all area before you mow. Always remove stones, sticks and other objects from the area so that objects can’t fly up and hit anyone.
  • Wear eye protection to prevent injury from projectiles.
  • Clear the area of people and pets, and keep children under adult supervision.
  • Never use alcohol or other controlled substances or medicines that impair judgement when using outdoor power equipment.
  • Always start up mowers outdoors.

Read more about Brighton’s commitment to safety at work and at home.[/text_output]

Market Update
304/304L – 0.6700 $/lb.
316/316L – 0.9555 $/lb.
317/317L – 1.1275 $/lb.
309/309S – 0.8864 $/lb.
2205 – 0.9123 $/lb.
Alloy 276 – 6.0286 $/lb.
Alloy 625 – 6.3487 $/lb.
316 – 0.6300 $/lb.
Carbon Steel – 0.1300 $/lb.