Tru-Edge Beveled HeadBrighton Tru-Edge gets its name from the precision machined bevels we produce on every tank and vessel head. This precision edge provides for greater speed and accuracy in your final tank assembly and welding.

Our industry-exclusive equipment makes it possible for us to machine the beveled head efficiently and cost effectively. With Tru-Edges, you benefit from savings in time and money in your manufacturing process through a faster fit-up and final assembly.

This is just one of the value-added processes that are standard for Brighton Tru-Edge heads, delivering superior quality and performance for our customers.

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Chevron-01Brighton Tru-Edge Head Styles

THK – Head Thickness
TS – Shell Thickness
L – Land Zone
IB – Inside Bevel
OB – Outside Bevel
B Styles

Square, Outside TaperB1
Single Outside BevelB2
Single Outside Bevel & Outside TaperB3
Square, Inside TaperB4
Single Inside BevelB5
Single Inside Bevel & Inside TaperB6
C Styles

Single Inside Bevel & Outside TaperC1
Single Outside Bevel & Inside TaperC2
Double BevelC3
Double Bevel & Outside TaperC4
Double Bevel & Inside TaperC5
D Styles

Single Bevel & Bore UpD1
Double Bevel & Bore UpD2