On June 10, 1914, Alvin Hock put out a hand lettered sign as a “Practical Coppersmith,” and the company that would become Brighton Tru-Edge was born. By 1919, Alvin was doing business as “Brighton Copper Works, Coppersmith,” named for the Cincinnati suburb.

His products included copper kettles for the food industry, including kettles for candy, ice cream, fresh pot ice cream freezers and varnish kettles. After the repeal of prohibition in 1933, Brighton Copper Works added brewery and distillery copper work into its line of products. In 1944, Alvin Hock, serving as the company’s president, purchased Hamilton Copper & Brass Works in Hamilton, Ohio. By the 1950s, the company changed its name to Brighton Corporation, signaling the diversity of work the company produces.

Then in 1986, Brighton was purchased by Trinity Industries. Jeff Hock, the son of Paul Hock and grandson of Alvin, served the company as a vice president and had a vision for its growth.

Today the company is the largest cold-forming head manufacturer in North America.

Brighton Tru-Edge cold-forming head manufacturer
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Brighton Tru-Edge cold-forming head manufacturer