Quality TestingReal-time X-ray

Brighton Tru-Edge provides high-quality welded heads using ASME-qualified weld procedures performed by ASME-qualified welders. To ensure the integrity of the welds, we utilize volumetric Nondestructive Testing (NDT) methods.

Our most common NDT is X-ray inspection, offered through 100% digital X-ray. This provides a real-time examination of welds without the cost and time associated with film processing. Nearly every head is X-rayed.

Digital_RadiographyDigital Radiography (DR)

We utilize digital imaging to deliver an image in milliseconds as the X-ray tube and digital detector travel down the welded pieces. The digital image is viewed on a high-resolution, medical-grade monitor. This head-specific equipment was designed and built by Brighton Tru-Edge to deliver a competitive edge for our customers.

Computer_RadiographyComputed Radiography (CR)

For X-rays of the formed heads, we utilize CR to capture the image on a reusable, flexible and portable phosphor storage plate. These plates need only a fraction of the X-ray dose of traditional film to capture a quality image. It’s then fed through a digital imaging processor, allowing for viewing on the high-resolution, medical-grade monitor.

Customer Images

Both DR and CR images can be shared with customers in a digital format.

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Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

In addition to Digital and Computed Radiography, the Brighton Tru-Edge team offers additional tests as requested and specified by our customers.

Ultrasonic-Testing_Thickness-584x400Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

This volumetric inspection utilizes sound waves to propagate through the material. The sound waves identify any obstructions or discontinuity.

Penetrant-Testing1-584x400Penetrant Testing (PT)

We utilize a penetrating liquid dye on clean, dry metal surfaces. This is allowed to swell, and it will penetrate into any discontinuities in the surface. Then using a thin layer of developer, we can reveal and defects.

Mag-Particle-Testing_VenusNDT-584x400Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

This process can be used on ferromagnetic materials to reveal surface and near-surface discontinuities.

template measure2Visual Testing (VT)

Our team utilizes arc, radius and depth measurements to ensure strict compliance with customer specifications.

Brighton Tru-Edge can also perform hardness testing, ferrite testing and Positive Material Identification (PMI). Contact a member of our team to discuss your quality control needs.