2:1 Elliptical Heads

With its reduced metal thickness, 2:1 elliptical heads offer an economic solution for medium-pressure tanks.
Stacks of 2:1 elliptical heads for tanks

2:1 Elliptical Tank Heads

More Volume, Same Diameter

The 2:1 elliptical heads are used extensively for liquefied petroleum gas tanks, air receivers and other pressure vessels. For this type of head, the depth of the tank head is one-quarter of the vessel’s internal diameter. Thanks to their shape, these heads offer more volume for the same diameter versus other tank head types.


Fabricated by Shape

A 2:1 elliptical tank head is made based on a certain shape rather than a specific dish or knuckle radius.

Spin Polished

These heads can be spin-polished for sanitary applications and design.

Extensive Applications

2:1 elliptical heads are ideal for pressure vessels such as liquified petroleum gas tanks, air receivers, and more.

Heat Treatment

Assembly with heat can be provided, which helps maintain the strength of the metal to meet code requirements and ensure long-lasting performance.


These 2:1 elliptical tank heads are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys.


Inside Dish Radius

Approximately 80% of diameter (See ASME Section VIII, Division I, UG-32 for clarification)

Inside Knuckle Radius

Approximately 15% of diameter (See ASME Section VIII, Division I, UG-32 for clarification)

Typical Thin Out Allowance

1/2″ and under – Add .0625″ to the minimum

Over 1/2″ – Add 15% to 20% of minimum depending on thickness and diameter


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