Cylinder Manufacturing

Cylinders & Plate

Brighton Tru-Edge can roll plates up to 16″ wide, enabling us to form 14″ OD to approximately 30″ in diameter. Customers can benefit from a comprehensive Brighton Tru-Edge solution that includes both the Cylinder and Head.

  • Savings in fit-up: Heads and shells can be made to match. Machined with our Tru-Edge bevel, this speeds tank assembly and welding.
  • Schedule control: Purchase both the Head and Shell from a single source and you have more control over the schedule and less need for expediting your order.
  • Transportation cost savings: When we ship the Head and Shell together, you save costs in freight. Also, the pieces arrive to the job site together.
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Brighton Tru-Edge can provide you with additional fabricated products. We can help you streamline your supply chain by supplying welded or rolled plate, half-pipe, dimple jackets, weld overlay or cladding and process components, including nozzles and other attachments.

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