About Us

Our history is more than a century of craftsmanship and commitment to the highest quality. That's how we've grown to become the largest cold-form tank head manufacturer in North America.


More than a century of history and excellence began modestly: Alvin Hock's hand-lettered sign that read "Practical Coppersmith". Brighton—named for the Cincinnati neighborhood where he operated—produced copper kettles for the food industry and post-prohibition copper stills for more than 70 years.

In the 80s, led by Alvin's grandson Jeff, Brighton became Brighton Tru-Edge and has grown to be the largest cold-form tank head manufacturer in North America. Each Brighton head—finished with our signature beveled edge—and associated products are designed and manufactured with the precision and dedication that has served as the foundation of our company since 1914.
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Our story is written with a commitment to meticulous detail and driven by innovation without sacrificing craft. Tales of men and women waking up at daybreak and leaving with pride in the work that's been done that day. At Brighton, we celebrate the craftsmanship and dedication it takes to produce the highest-quality product in the industry.


Safety is not optional at Brighton. Every employee participates in mandatory OSHA training, meets for monthly safety trainings and pre-shift safety discussions, and utilizes PPE requirements while on the shop floor. Our Human Performance Improvement tools helps prevent mistakes and lessen the impact when they happen.


We've built more than a century of history on the highest level of craft and delivery. Each product that leaves our shop meets the stringent quality specifications we set for ourselves and our customers have come to expect.