Pressing Process

As the largest cold-form tank head manufacturer in North America, nobody produces a higher quality product than Brighton.
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The Tru-Edge Difference

Form to Specification

For more than 100 years, Brighton craftsman have used their experience and expertise to press metal that meets our customers needs.

Why Pressing?

Cold-forming allows for producing custom heads for all types of specifications without the need for creating a die cut. However, it requires an incredible amount of experience and expertise to meet those exact specifications.

The Process

No two metal plates react the same way to the forming process. Our operators combine decades of experience with keen observation, attention to detail, and skill to ensure the head radius, depth, and other specifications are exact.

The Difference

Not every operator can master these skills, and only the best craftworkers press for our customers. Even presses with the latest technology to capture pressing standards require operator discretion to achieve exceptional results.


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