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Nozzle Hole Cutting

Introducing Tru-Cut 3D precision nozzle hole cutting for faster, easier fabrication.
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Nozzle Hole Cutting

Even Faster Fit-Up

For more than a century, Brighton heads have been associated with faster, easier fit-up thanks to our signature Brighton Tru-Edge bevel.

The next evolution of our industry’s best tank head manufacturing is pre-cut nozzle holes to save manual labor, eliminate costly mistakes, and increase your project profitability.​ We deliver a more finished product, you get your project through your shop faster.

7-Axis Mapping and Cutting

Tru-Cut 3D achieves exceptional precision thanks to laser scanning and 7-axis cutting capability.

Holes are placed exactly according to the drawings as the cutting head adjusts according to the laser-tracked contours of the head.

Streamline Your Process

Eliminate the measurement, layout, and cutting steps that typically eat up a lot of your shop fabricators time. Heads arrive ready for assembly with pre-cut penetrations and any prescribed etchings complete to aid fabrication.

Custom Beveling

The high level of mobility and precision of Brighton Tru-Cut 3D enables us not only to pre-cut holes, but also to bevel those holes according to your specifications.

Beveling lends to cleaner welds that satisfy your demand for quality.

Eliminate Costly Mistakes

A cut made in error at your shop can set a project back weeks, requiring the refabrication of a very costly tank head. Pre-cutting with Brighton Tru-Cut 3D eliminates that fear, ensuring that the head arrives ready to go the right way.


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