Heat Treatment Process

Heat treatment in our oversized furnace—capable of reaching 2000°F—helps meet customers’ code requirements and needs.

The Tru-Edge Difference

Forge in Fire

Different heat treatment processes helps ensure the quality and performance of our cold-formed heads

Normalizing allows us to heat heads—either in the flat or after forming—into the transformation range.

Stress Relieving alleviates work hardening stresses in the material.

Solution Annealingheats stainless steel and nickel alloys to dissolve carbide and increase corrosion-resistant properties.

Why Heat Treatment?

Putting cold-formed heads through heat treatment helps maintain the strength of the metal to meet code requirements and ensure long-lasting performance.

The Process

Computer-controlled furnace—capable of reaching up to 2000°F—are programmed for the specific needs of a piece to complete the heat treatment cycle. We utilize thermocouples attached to the heads to ensure proper heating of the material.

The Difference

Brighton engineers and metallurgists utilize different heat treatment processes, dependent on the project needs, to achieve the proper performance standards of our heads.


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