Stock Tank Heads

Premium quality stainless steel and carbon steel stock heads, ready to order.

Stock Heads


Premium Quality, Quickly

Stock heads allow for high rate efficiency and execution when your business calls for a standard product.

Our expanded line of stock tank heads includes more sizes in both stainless and carbon steel making it easier to order whatever you need to get the job done.

Shorter Lead Times

With a variety of sizes in stock, many orders can be shipped quicker.

Expanded Product Line

We now carry a line of both stainless steel and carbon steel stock heads.

Simpler Ordering

Get custom tank heads and stock heads from one place.

Our Stock Tank Heads

Stainless Steel Stock Heads

We stock stainless steel heads in both ASME 2:1 Elliptical and ASME Flanged & Dished styles. Stock heads are offered in SA240 304/304L dual-certified and SA240 316/316L dual-certified, and they are formed without a center hole.

Carbon Steel Stock Tank Heads

We’ve expanded our product line to make ordering your stock heads easier. Brighton now offers hot-formed carbon steel stock heads in various sizes ranging from 24″ to 96″.


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