October 2014 Newsletter

October 2014


Tru-Edge: Extending Tank Head Life through Pickling

To maximize the benefits of stainless steel and to deliver the highest quality product, pickling is the final process for almost every Tru-Edge Head that leaves our facility. Pickling removes surface defects and contaminants and restores corrosion resistance to the material.

Safety: Tips for Forklift Drivers

Beep, beep. We’re all familiar with the sound as a forklift approaches or backs up. Being safe around forklifts is critical for everyone on your shop floor.[/text_output][button shape=”square” size=”regular” float=”none” target=”blank” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” href=”http://conta.cc/1rxZCDg”]

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Market Update
304/304L – 0.7290 $/lb.
316/316L – 1.0358 $/lb.
317/317L – 1.2245 $/lb.
309/309S – 0.9722 $/lb.
2205 – 0.9909 $/lb.
Alloy 276 – 4.4253 $/lb.
Alloy 625 – 4.8678 $/lb.
316 – 0.6800 $/lb.
Carbon Steel – 0.1300 $/lb.