Furnace Capabilities

At Brighton Tru-Edge, we offer heat treatments in our oversized furnace to meet customers’ code requirements and needs. We utilize thermocouples attached to the heads to ensure proper heating of the material. Our computer-controlled furnaces are programmed for the specific needs of a piece to complete a heat treatment cycle. We then document the treatment on a heat chart.

Carbon Steel


We perform this treatment on material above the critical transformation temperature when required, either in the flat or after forming. For SA-516-70, we utilize a normalizing cycle of 1650F +/-50 for a half an hour per inch of thickness. This refines the grain structure of the material.

Stress Relieving

This heat treatment is performed to relieve work hardening stresses in the material. On cold-formed heads, the ASME requires some heads to be stress relieved when the fiber elongation exceeds 5%.

Stress relieving of SA-516-70 requires a controlled heating and cooling process, as detailed in UCS-56. It is held at 1,100F for one hour per inch of thickness. ASME Section VIII, Division I, UCS-79 (d) does provide for some exemptions.

Stainless Steel
& Nickel Alloys

Solution Annealing

This method of heating stainless and nickel alloys dissolves carbide. It is cooled at a fast enough rate to prevent the carbon from producing additional carbides, freezing the carbon in solution. This method is used to increase ductility and corrosive-resistant properties. We utilize solution anneals at 1950F +/-50, followed by water quenching for the following specifications:

  • SA240 304/304L
  • SA240 316/316L