Components & Fabrication Services

Plates & Cylinders

Brighton can roll plate up to 16’ wide, enabling us to form 30” OD to approximately 30’ in diameter offering a complete tank kit that includes both the cylinder and head.

Half-pipe Vessels & Heads

With in-house engineering, continuous half-pipe welding, and decades of industry-leading expertise, we understand the complexities and critical fabrication procedures required to maximize the life cycle of our client’s process equipment.

Hemispherical Heads

Hemispherical (hemi) heads are the strongest of the formed heads. They can resist about twice the pressure rating of an elliptical dished head or cylindrical shell of the same thickness and diameter. Due to their strength and resistance, these tank heads are widely used for the storage of liquids and gasses under pressure.

A hemi head is frequently employed in large-diameter or high-pressure applications when space is limited. A storage sphere is formed by putting two spherical heads back to back, which is the most efficient shape for pressurized storage.

Ladders & Platforms

Brighton offers ladders and platforms to round out a full-line of tank components and finishing services so you have one trusted source to help you complete your next tank or vessel project.


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