Dished-Only Tank Heads

The simplest and most cost-effective type of tank head is the dished-only tank head design.
Dished only tank head sitting on a pallet

Dished-Only Tank Heads

A Variety of Applications

Dished-only tank heads are a simple, cost-effective solution. They have no knuckle radius or straight flange and have a spherical surface like the side of a ball. These heads are used in a variety of applications, including pressure vessels, reinforcement pads, domed roofs for large storage tanks, vacuum chambers, wear plates, and liners.


Reinforcing Pad

A dished-only tank head can be used as a reinforcing pad (re-pad).

Atmospheric Storage Tanks Use

Dished-only tank heads are ideal for atmospheric storage applications where a reduction in evaporation loss is needed.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment can be provided to meet code and process requirements and ensure long-lasting performance.


These tank heads are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, clad, and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.


Inside Dish Radius

Typically 100% of diameter

Typical Thin Out Allowance

  • 1/2″ and under — Add .03125″ to the minimum
  • Over 1/2″ —  Add .0625″ to the minimum
  • Over 1″ — Add .1250″ to the minimum

Typically offered as oversized for customer to trim, but trimming of the diameter on the vertical and radial is available upon request.


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