Half-pipe Heads

With in-house engineering, continuous halfpipe welding, and decades of industry-leading expertise, we understand the complexities and critical fabrication procedures required to maximize the life cycle of our client’s process equipment.
Brighton has an unmatched capacity to perform half-pipe head fabrication, and within that capacity, is the ability to offer clients deep expertise, maximize efficiencies, and innovate in game-changing ways.

Our experience in half-pipe head fabrication runs deep. Our use of continuous coil over the knuckle of your vessel reduces the need for butt-welds and couplings, minimizing opportunities for breakdown later in the service life of half-pipe vessels and reactors.

Internal Coil Capabilities

Our half-pipe ability doesn’t just stop at the external coil. Our proprietary processes and technologies enable us to produce internal coils and round coils inside your vessel’s head.


Ready for a Quote?

Contact us today for a custom quote on your hemispherical head project. Whether you’re looking for tank heads or complete spheres for high-pressure storage, Brighton Tru-Edge can deliver.